Associate Spotlight: David Saah

Written By: Charlotte Freed | Jun 20, 2018

There’s nothing more satisfying than admiring a piece of art that you completed. Whether you are rereading lyrics to a song, admiring the brush strokes of a painting, or driving past a mansion you built, that sense of pride always remains. David Saah finds this pride both on and off the stage.

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Top 3 Reasons to Work Disaster Recovery Jobs

Written By: Alex Vlaming | Jun 12, 2018

There are many great reasons to work jobs related to disaster relief and recovery, chief among them helping your local community. Below is a list of our top 3:

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Is Your Employer a True Partner?

Written By: Alex Vlaming | Jun 8, 2018

Now more than ever, skilled trades is the perfect industry if you are looking for long term career progression. Whether you are at an apprentice level, journeyman, or simply starting out as a laborer on a construction site, the time is now to get started in the industry, and start learning skills [...]

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Associate Spotlight: Ed Lewarchik

Written By: Charlotte Freed | Jun 6, 2018

In boxing a knock down refers to a boxer being brought to the mat by an opponent. So long as the referee never gets to the count of ten, the boxer is still in the game. Sports lover, Ed Lewarchik, has been knocked down before, but he’s never been knocked out. At the youthful age of 62, “Steady [...]

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Associate Spotlight: Sonya Hodges

Written By: Charlotte Freed | May 23, 2018

The alarm clock rings: its 5:30 AM. Sonya Hodges, mother of 10 and grandmother of 12, is about to start her day the way she always does – by calling a few of her children. Then, she’s off to do what she does best, give back to the community she has such a heart for.

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