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Filling the Staffing Gap

Written By: Charlotte Freed | Feb 22, 2018


Over the course of each year, employers in the United States hire over 14.5 million temporary and contract staff. Demand varies across industries, but the changing seasons may impact companies more than any other factor. While many outdoor careers see a dip in employment during the fall and winter months, companies in retail are preparing for a surplus of business. This fluctuation in demand is both a curse and a blessing for employers and employees, but there are ways to accommodate those changes

United States employers hire over 14.5 Million temporary and contract staff annually.

More Skills Give Workers More Options

As any expert in the staffing industry will agree, the more skills an employee acquires, the more competitive he or she becomes. Regardless of the industry, learning additional skills can help employees find temporary work when recessions occur in their field.

Although The Guardian reported that organizational and communication skills ranked at the top of employers’ wish lists, flexibility and innovation are also priorities. Each season welcomes different job opportunities, and the chance to use existing skills for a new job role. This flexibility is what allows the on-demand and temporary work industry to thrive.

This adaptability helps employees adjust to diverse job demands in today’s gig economy and ensures that employers can depend on new hires regardless of the industry in which they have experience. At the same time, motivation and commitment also rank highly in employers’ estimations.
Recruiting to fill the staffing gap

Finding Exceptional Employees

The seasonality of many industries makes it difficult to find and retain exceptional employees. However, as today’s workforce focuses more on on-demand work and flexibility, the staffing industry is seeing a surge in applicants for short-term work. In 2016, the staffing and recruiting industry earned 150 billion dollars, an impressive sign that finding the right help is worth the investment.

Fortunately for modern business owners, there are accessible ways of finding skilled workers regardless of the season. Apps like PeopleReady’s JobStack connect ready-to-work staff with employers in need, Anywhere, anytime, 24/7. Making the recruitment process mobile appeals to employers on the move and applicants who need a convenient way to find their next gig.

Undercover Recruiter reports that 70 percent of active job seekers use their mobile phones to look for jobs. But what does this mean for job providers?

Meeting applicants where they are most comfortable results in more applicants per job posting, achieving faster hiring capabilities than traditional HR methods. A motivated employee who seeks to earn extra income for the holidays or who needs to fill gaps in his or her regular employment only needs the right platform to connect with potential employers.

Connecting Employers and Employees

On-demand work drives the current state of employment, but seasonality adds another layer to the already complex gig economy. Fortunately, today’s digital tools let job seekers and job providers connect online before connecting in person.

The benefits appear on both sides, as employers fill gaps in their schedules and employees earn steady income regardless of their primary trade. Flexible schedules are a trademark of seasonal and temporary work, and everyone wins when positions are filled.


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