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How To: JobStack's Call-Off Feature

Written By: Charlotte Freed | Mar 21, 2018


JobStack was created with you in mind. We want you to plan life around your work, not the other way around. With that being said, we understand that children get sick, classes get rescheduled, and life just gets in the way.

Cancel a shift on JobStack

That’s why we added the “Call-Off” button. This button should be used whenever you can no longer make a job assignment you’ve already committed to. To find and use this button follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Menu tab in the top right corner of your screen.
  2. Click on “Job Tickets.”
  3. Locate “Call-Off.” This should be next to the time of each shift.
  4. After you hit “Call-Off,” you will be directed to call the branch. You must call the branch in order to complete this step.

While we understand that life happens, please make sure to only use this feature when you can no longer make the shift for emergencies. Failure to contact the branch when calling off a shift may result in a no call no show which can lower your rating and prevent you from seeing jobs in the future.


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