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Retail Recruiting is Booming

Written By: Charlotte Freed | Mar 2, 2018


With the holiday season fast approaching, retailers have increased their recruiting efforts to ensure they are adequately staffed for the most important season of the year.

The busiest shopping day of the year is traditionally Black Friday, also known as the beginning of holiday shopping for most Americans. Last year, Americans spent over $655 billion on Black Friday. Retail giant, Target hired 70,000 workers last year and expects to increase that number by 40%, hiring up to 100,000 workers nationwide.

Seasonal work is great for those who want to earn extra money for the holidays, as shopping centers are open for longer periods of time and need more staff on hand. A lot of employers offer time and a half to staff who works on holidays as well.

Some retail jobs currently in high demand: Sales Associate, Backroom Associate, Inventory Clerk, Cashier, Special events, and more.

The typical job responsibilities for these jobs include:

  • Greeting customers
  • Conducting transactions at the register
  • Informing customers about products
  • Tagging retail
  • Organizing backroom and pulling inventory to stock shelves
  • Cleaning stores
  • Making sales
Retail Recruiting

The best time to start applying to seasonal jobs is mid-October as companies want staff to be up to speed policies and procedures.

Ensure you stand out from the crowd when interviewing, check that your resume is up to date, also make it clear your availability is flexible to work holiday hours.

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